Feb. 22 Technical lecture

#Maker #NTX #BCIs #biosensing #XR #LowTech #OpenScience

An immersion to understand the technical implications behind the intersection of neuro-technology, physiological data acquisition and immersive technologies through 3 masterclasses.

This session will conclude with the opening of the NeuroBar, a space for informal discussions.


💡Tips: use YouTube’s chaptering system to go directly to the content that interests you! Here an overview of the chapters.

Tech Conf 1

‘Intro to neuro(tech) & BCIs’ by Colin Fausnaught & Harrison Canning (The BCI Guys)

  • 08:15 Lecture
  • 52:00 Q&A session

Tech Conf 2

‘A dive into biosensing’ Sylvain Chevalier (MOABB) & Pierre Clisson (Timeflux)

  • 1:00:28 Intro
  • 1:01:07 Part 1 ‘An Open Science take’ by Sylvain Chevalier
  • 1:21:32 Part 2 ‘Biosignal and extended reality, building bridges with Timeflux’ by Pierre Clisson
  • 1:52:16 Q&A session

Tech Conf 3

Biosensors and the future of XR, Martin Walchshofer, g.tec

  • 2:02:00 Lecture
  • 2:52:00 Q&A session


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Live schedule

DurationPDT TimeEDT TimeCET TimeTitle and speaker(s)
109:00AM12:00PM6:00PMWelcoming remarks
NeuroTechX Team
509:10AM12:10PM6:10PM1 — Intro to neuro(tech) and BCIs
Colin Fausnaught & Harrison Canning, The BCI Guys
5010:00AM1:00PM7:00PM2 — A dive into biosensing
Pierre Clisson (Timeflux) & Sylvain Chevalier (MOABB)
2010:50AM1:50PM7:50PMShort break
5011:10AM2:10PM8:10PM3 — Biosensors and the future of XR
Martin Walchshofer, g.tec
1012:00PM3:00PM9:00PMClosing remarks
NeuroTechX Team
Open to every attendees
Agenda — Technical lecture — XR Biosense 2022