A community event

NeuroTechX is pleased to announce a new major event in 2022: XR Biosense.

This event aim to showcase the challenges and the potential of integrating neurotech and biosensors with immersives technologies.

We strive to promote community projects, highlight open initiatives and artistic projects that invite us to take a step aside and bring a critical look. The program also includes relevant initiatives from the academic and industrial worlds.

The team behind

An overview of the core organisation team, mainly based in Canada (Toronto) and Europe (London, Munich & Paris) with the support of the main NeuroTechX chapters and initiatives leaders.

  • Romain Rouyer, programmation, communication & invitation, NTX Paris
  • Bryan Jenkins, management & sponsorship, NTX connectome

With the additional help of:

  • Sophie Valentine, NTX London
  • Hans Rajoharison, NTX Paris, EU connectome
  • Mohit Patil, logistics & sponsorship, NTX connectome
  • Sydney Sue, sponsorship, NTX connectome

About NeuroTechX

NeuroTechX is an international non profit community of neurotech enthusiasts seeking to facilitate the advancement of neurotechnology.


Brain technology needs a diverse and dynamic community of experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. We are a connector.


NeuroTechX offers accessible resources and learning opportunities for beginners or experts and everyone in between.


We hope to inspire our community members to address today’s challenges and opportunities with creativity and confidence.

NeuroTechX organizes international global events such as NeurotechGaming 2020, the Neureka Epilepsy Challenge or recurring events like NeurroTechX Buzz in Review and the Student Club Competition.

In complement, each city chapters organizes various local community events.

Bonus: Paris and San Francisco are hosting weekly HackNights gatherings.