Feb. 21 Part 1 — Keynote & Panel

‘Envisioning an XR Biosense future’

#UseCases #Ethics #Design #neurotech #biosensing

Exploring the frontiers between academic and industrial world and discuss how to push the (right) boundaries with curated lectures and roundtables


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Live schedule

DurationPDTEDTCETTitle and speaker(s)
59:00AM12:00PM6:00PMWelcoming remarks
NeuroTechX Team
109:05AM12:05PM6:05PMNeurotechX and XR Biosense
NeuroTechX Team
4509:15AM12:15PM6:15PMOpening Keynote
Jelena Mladenovic, NeuroTechX Belgrade
510:00AM1:00PM7:00PMShort break
5510:05AM1:05PM7:05PMRound table
Christina Lavallee,
Brain Products
– Marie-Laure Cazin,
Enactive Virtuality Lab
Kavya Pearlman, XRSI
1511:00PM2:00PM8:00PMClosing remarks
NeuroTechX Team
END11:15PM2:15PM8:15PMEnd of Part 1
Agenda — Feb. 21 Part 1 Keynote & Panel — XR Biosense 2022